Mission Statement

windowWe are a congregation in a heritage church, energized by Christ to seek justice, resist evil, to love and care for others. Our church is organized to enable us to faithfully use the variety of gifts God gives to build up the body of Christ, in our congregation and beyond.

To fulfill these commitments, we will meet together to worship, study, pray, break bread at the Lord’s table, and to celebrate God’s presence in times of joy and sorrow. We will support one another in our quest to become the people that God intends us to be. We will invite young people and others to join us as we encourage one another to explore and grow in faith, to respect God’s creation, and to know ourselves and all others as beloved children of God. With God’s help, we will endeavour to uphold the best traditions of this faith community.

From Little Britain United Church constitution adopted January 26, 2001

Season: Ordinary Time

Readings from the stories of Jesus' life