Fellowship within Little Britain

Munch and Mingle

On the first Sunday of every month, we meet after church for a potluck lunch and coffee. We also celebrate the birthdays of the month. There is a bin for the Food Bank set up and some groceries available to purchase for it, in case you forget to bring something.

Soup Kitchen

We support the Soup Kitchen located at the Memorial Hall in Selkirk by volunteering to help prepare cook or serve meals.

Fundraising for Red River Churches Refugee Team

Little Britain has been a member of the Red River Churches Refugee Team (RRCRT) since shortly after its inception in March 2016. To date, three families have been sponsored, two of whom are related and came together from the Sudan via a refugee camp in Chad in July 2016. The other family was a single mom with two children from Syria who arrived in 2018 and then relocated the following year to Ottawa to be with her mother. In 2018, the RRCRT also committed to sponsoring a family from Pakistan who were in hiding in Thailand. We are currently waiting for the paperwork to be completed in Thailand for this family. When they arrive, there will be significant expenses to support them through their first year in Selkirk. We would appreciate your help for this worthy effort. Donations for the RRCRT contributed through Little Britain are eligible for a tax receipt.

Blessing of Pets

Celebratory lunch after the blessing of the pets

Celebratory lunch after
the blessing of the pets

Every fall we celebrate the place of pets, both past and present in our lives with a special service. All critters are welcome.

Reaching out to the Community


Selkirk Food Bank

We collect food items regularly for the Selkirk Food Bank. At Christmas time we make up hampers for several local families.


Mission and Service Fund

The United Church of Canada has an efficient, centralized fund that donates to worthy projects across Canada and the world. Little Britain United Church has benefited from this fund! We have received several grants. Support this mission and ministry through designated donations at church or through the Mission and Service Fund web site.

Fair Trade

We have an on-going commitment to consume fair trade products at church. Little Britain purchases fair trade coffee from local coffee roaster greenbean coffee imports to consume and sell. Purchasing fair trade means farmers are paid a fair price. It also protects children and supports environmentally-friendly farming techniques. We are making a difference in someone’s life!

A Green Church

Little Britain is taking steps towards becoming a greener church. Our new, 4800 square foot hall is equipped with a geothermal heating system, energy efficient lighting, and passive solar heat from south-facing windows. We have an on-going regular recyclable collection.