Mission, Vision and Values Statement              March 2020

Little Britain United Church is a Christian community which welcomes everyone to learn about and experience the love of God, as found in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit. We love, respect and care for people in our community and the wider world. We seek to care for all of God’s creation.

We are a congregation that builds upon and celebrates our history and heritage.


As a Christian community we are committed to:

Inclusivity and diversity
Being innovative and embracing change
Being welcoming and nurturing
Honouring our heritage
Respecting and protecting our natural environment

In the life and ministry of Little Britain United Church we believe in living out and sharing the story of God’s acceptance and love of all people and all creation. We strive to live out our ministry as an affirming community where people of all races, ages, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities are welcomed into a safe and respectful environment. We welcome everyone to participate in the mission and ministry of our church; membership, leadership, celebrating life passages and marriage.