Visitors & New Members


Everyone is welcome at Little Britain United Church! Services start at 10:00 a.m. Sunday mornings. Sit where you like. We use the United Church hymn books called Voices United and More Voices.

How We Worship

Regular Services

Regular services follow the same general format: Service starts with a prayer and a hymn, then scripture reading, the Minister’s time with the children (following which the children go to the hall for Sunday School), a sermon, offering, prayers of the people, and a benediction. Hymns are interspersed throughout the service.

Child-friendly Inter-generational Services

Occasionally, throughout the year, children will remain in church. These services are planned with children in mind. We are a child-friendly group– if your child is restless or noisy, don’t worry. You can stay in church, where there is a comfortable chair and some toys in the back, or go outside or over to the hall.


Little Britain became an Affirming congregation in April 2021. Being Affirming means that we are committed to inclusion and justice for people of all races, ages, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities. As a community of faith and action guided by Jesus’ teaching and ministry, we seek to nurture love, justice and diversity in a safe and respectful environment. Just as God rejoices in the goodness and diversity of creation, we too honour and celebrate diversity. You are welcome to join our faith community and walk together with us on a journey of learning, questioning, sharing, growth and love for all people. We respect all who are being true to who God made them. We are all children of God.

Munch & Mingle

Munch & Mingle takes place once a month. Everyone is welcome to come over to the hall right after church for coffee and a light meal. Munch & Mingle is usually held the first Sunday of the month.

Summer Services

Summer may be a quiet time at Little Britain, as folks are routinely away on weekends, on vacation or at the cottage. Each year we determine the dates we will hold worship services during the summer. We aim for our summer services to be held outside in our beautiful, peaceful surroundings.  Regular worship services resume in September.

What to Expect


Offerings are donations given by church-goers to help pay for the costs of running the church. They are collected during every service. Offering plates are passed around later in the service. Giving a donation is your choice and can be any amount that is comfortable for you.

To receive a tax receipt, numbered envelopes are assigned to you for the year. Or you can sign up for PAR (pre-authorized remittance), which allows us to automatically withdraw your donation from your bank account every month.

Click here to download a PAR brochure/application.


All are welcome to take Communion in the United Church, including visitors, non-members, and children. We celebrate communion 5 or 6 times a year, including Easter, Christmas Eve and World Communion Sunday in October. We use bread and grape juice.


Music is important to the folks at Little Britain United Church. During worship, we’ve enjoyed the music of the Bluegrass Jammers, the Gentle Folk, and several talented singers.

Choir: We have no regular choir at this time. We have a group that sings on special occasions. We would love to have a full-time choir, we just need to find enough people who are interested in singing!

Musicians: We currently have musicians who take turns playing, according to their availability.