Sunday School

Sunday School…


…getting by with a little help from our friends!

This year Sunday school is going to look different at LBUC.  A small working group has been working to brainstorm new ideas so the children of Little Britain receive teachings that are meaningful to them.

We will be asking family, friends, congregation members and the community to help by sharing individual skills and knowledge with the children, while incorporating themes from the Church year.

As the calendar of themes is developed, don’t be surprised if you are asked to help out!


Our hall features two individual classrooms, a nursery, and a large common area. Sunday School is taught by many volunteers from our congregation. Every February the children host a special pancake breakfast in preparation for Lent. We celebrate the end of the Sunday School year in June with a potluck Church Picnic.

Youth Group

The Youth Group is for those who have had their 12th birthday but not their 20th. There is no group at this time.

In the past the group met regularly throughout the school year. They hosted a popular monthly community dance for kids in Grades 3-6. They had sleep overs, pizza parties and many other fun activities at the church, as they explore the role of spirituality and the church. We also offer confirmation classes when needed.

Adult Education

Check back this fall for adult education sessions.