What to Expect


Offerings are donations given by church-goers to help pay for the costs of running the church. They are collected during every service. Offering plates are passed around later in the service. Giving a donation is your choice and can be any amount that is comfortable for you.

To receive a tax receipt, numbered envelopes are assigned to you for the year. Or you can sign up for PAR (pre-authorized remittance), which allows us to automatically withdraw your donation from your bank account every month.

Click here to download a PAR brochure/application as a PDF (18 KB).
(Adobe Reader is required.)


All are welcome to take Communion in the United Church, including visitors, non-members, and children. We use bread and grape juice.


Music is important to the folks at Little Britain United Church. During worship, we’ve enjoyed the music of the Bluegrass Jammers, the Gentle Folk, and several talented singers.

Choir: We have no regular choir at this time. We have a group that sings on special occasions. We would love to have a full-time choir, we just need to find enough people who are interested in singing!

Organist: We currently have two organists who take turns playing, according to their availability: Sandra Richardson and Carol Anderson.