Message from Church Council

By Little Britain United Church
March 19, 2022

The Little Britain United Church Council has set the following as the protocols for church re-opening on April 3rd. These protocols will be in place until such time as it is determined that worship may move outdoors or Little Britain United Church Council deem it safe to remove all restrictions.

  1. Wearing of masks will be required for all church-related activities in both the church and hall.
  2. Hand sanitizer will be supplied and you are encouraged to use it.
  3. The church is marked for social distancing and is encouraged.
  4. Proof of vaccination will no longer be required.
  5. Worship will continue with the safety of all taken into consideration. ie – Communion elements in baggies and offering plates at back of church. All hymn books can be returned to church. Masks will be worn while singing.

Munch and mingle will resume on April 3rd. Masks will be worn until we have our food and are seated.

Should you have any comments, please contact Tanya Wiegand, Chair of Council.

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